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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tea Party Anti-Public Union Rally Indiana

Posted on Youtube by njellis

We attended this rally, in which the Union thugs did the following:

1: threw a snowball at us, 2: blew a blow horn in our face about 2 feet away directly at us, 3: Splashed a group of women holding signs intentionally, after failing for 3 passes,‎4: almost hit 1 person, 5: one guy got in my face 1" away literally - expecting to intimidate me, curse at me 6: question my ability to have a voice in our democracy insinuating I've never done "hard work" (not realizing I did work for a cable company before..)

Guess they didn't get the memo on being "civil". See me surprised? No, no you don't. Everyone should go and see first hand, instead of listening to the news. Wish I'd of brought my vado camera.

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